One Wing Art

This is the portfolio of Niki One-Wing. For many years, I have created art with a focus on Mandalas and spirituality. The art mediums I use are primarily acrylic paints, oil pastel, art marker and colored pencils.

A large part of my art is painting Mandalas. Whether drawing a Mandala or coloring a template of one, it can be a healing tool that anyone can use when going through life's changes, challenges and transformations.  

Light of the Heart Mandala

Mandala Art

The word Mandala is Sanskrit for "sacred circle" and represents balance, wholeness and harmony. It has been used throughout history in many cultures and religions as an aid in meditation, transformation and healing.

When I first learned about Mandala art, I was going through a major transformation with a terminal cancer diagnosis. I truly believe that this art therapy was an integral part of my healing process. Today, I create Mandalas as a visual meditation. Please take a minute to view my art. If you would like to know more about the healing effects of Mandalas, check out the About Mandalas Page.